Is West Coast Volleyball Club a member of a recognized Youth Volleyball Association?

Volleyball BC is the official Provincial Sport Organization (PSO) for British Columbia. Volleyball BC is recognized by Volleyball Canada (the National Sport Organization for volleyball) as the official PSO. WCVC’s affiliation with Volleyball BC and Volleyball Canada affords numerous advantages for our membership including provincial championships, coaching certification and education, member insurance and many other benefits. West Coast Volleyball Club has been in good standings with Volleyball BC every year since we started 3 years ago.

When is the club volleyball season?

Tryouts are held mid November to early December. We start practices the first week of January and the season ends in May.

When are league games played?

There are no youth volleyball club leagues in BC but rather club tournaments and playdays over the course of the season. West Coast Volleyball Club guarantees a minimum of 6 tournaments per team during the season.

What tournaments does West Coast Volleyball participate in?

The head coach of that team selects each tournament schedule before the season starts. We intend to have a tentative schedule available at team fitting day. Our teams participate in Volleyball BC tournaments, nonVBC tournaments, and USA Volleyball tournaments.

What if I have other commitments including other school sports, community sports, arts and/or schoolwork?

At WCVC, our belief is that family and school come first. We understand that players may have additional extra curricular activities that can affect their availability. These need to be communicated with the coach as early as possible. The more practices a player misses, the harder it is to continually develop both the player and the team, therefore every effort needs to be made to attend both practices and tournaments.

I’m interested in coaching with your team. Who do I contact?

Check out our 'Interested in Coaching' page for all the information.


Where are tryouts held?

Tryouts are held at DW Poppy Secondary in Langley. 23752 52 Ave, Langley City, BC V2Z 2P3

When are tryouts?

Tryouts will run mid November to early December. Please visit our tryouts page for the most up to date information.

Do I need experience to make a team?

Although previous experience can be an asset, it is not a requirement to make a team. Players are assessed and selected based on their tryout performance, attitude, and potential.

Is there a fee for tryouts?

Yes, tryouts cost $30 total (2 sessions per age group)

Do I need to tryout?

You do need to try out to be selected for a team. Please contact the Club Director if you are unable to attend one or both of your tryout dates.


What teams does West Coast Volleyball Club offer?

West Coast strives to provide opportunities for U14-18 girls to play club volleyball, pending on the availability of coaches. We also offer our Little Coasters Program for U6-13 which is a non-competitive development program for players who are beginning their volleyball journeys.

When and where are practices held?

Practices are currently held between 5:30-9:30pm on Mondays and Wednesdays in Langley. Exact practice times and locations will be determined per team. Our current practice locations are DW Poppy & HD Stafford

When are tournaments?

Each head coach sets the tournament schedule for his or her team. Coaches aim to provide tentative schedules by the team fitting day.

When are uniforms issued?

Team uniforms are ordered just after the team fitting and are handed out upon arrival, which typically is just before the teams first tournament in mid to late January. As jersey manufacturing is in high demand during this time, delays occasionally do occur.

What is a Red Shirt?

A "Red Shirt" player is an athlete that is able to practice with the team, but does not participate in tournaments. The only exception is if the team is short players for a specific tournament, in which case the coach can ask the red shirt to play. Over the course of the season there is no obligation or guarantee of playing time. A reduced fee is offered to Red Shirt (practice) players. Red Shirt players are registered with Volleyball BC just like every player on the teams roster.

Who do I contact if I have a question about playing time?

Players and parents should wait 48 hrs after a tournament before contacting their coach regarding playing time. Please refer to our Athlete Agreement for more information.


What are the club fees?

Club fees are typically in the $750-$950 range. These fees fluctuate based on numerous variables, including • How many players there are on the team • How many coaches the team has • Age group

What do club fees cover?

Club fees include: - Volleyball BC membership & insurance - Coaches fees (Volleyball BC membership and required coaching development courses) - Equipment - Apparel: U14 Teams: One jersey, 2 practice shirts and the current year's additional club gear U15-18 Teams: Two jerseys, 2 practice shirts and the current year's additional club gear * The additional club gear does change from year to year - Gym rental - 6 guaranteed tournaments - Year-end award night

When are fees due?

Fees are due at club signing / team fitting day. (Shortly after tryouts / team selection) We also offer a payment plan for those who wish to do so.

What is the payment plan?

For the payment plan, the initial deposit is due at the team fitting in December, along with 2 post-dated cheques for the balance of the season, dated for January 15 and February 15 of the current club year.

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