2022 Season Information

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Please see our FAQ's if you have questions at this time.  

2022 Season FAQs


Will WCVC be early signing players?

Yes! Early signing for the 2022 season is closed.

How much is the deposit?

For early signed players, the deposit required is $250, and will be put towards your club fees for the season.

Is the deposit refundable?

By providing the deposit and completing the early signing form, you are committing to WCVC for the 2021 season. Refunds will NOT be provided to players that change their decision after the deadline. There may be extenuating circumstances that may cause a player to not be able to participate. If circumstances end up causing a player to not be able to attend practice (e.g. scheduling conflicts), refunds will be provided. These will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis, but our intention will never be to keep money when the situation is out of a players control. Of course if we are unable to run a team, either due to lack of players, coaches or external circumstances, the deposit will be refunded.

Will players be on the same teams as last year?

When a player early-signs with a club, they are committing to the club, and not a specific team, however we will do our best to position players where they are most comfortable. For most players, they will be on the same team as the previous season, moving up 1 age category. For players that participated at an older age group than their actual age, they may request playing on a younger team if we do end up running a team at their age category. For example, if a player competed at U14 last season, but was eligible to complete at U13, they will be placed on a U15 team this season. However, if we do end up being able to run a U14 team, the player can request playing at the U14 level.


Will players be registered with Volleyball BC?

Yes, players will be registered with Volleyball BC.

Are players still insured?

Yes, all players will have insurance for all practices and games.

What are club fees for the season?

Club fees will depend on how many players there end up being on each team. Details about clubs fees will be posted soon.

What do club fees include?

  • Club Registration
  • WCVC Team Gear
    • TBD
  • Facility Rental
    • 2 practices a week
  • Tournament Registration Fees
Club fees do not include travel costs for away tournaments. More details about what is included in club fees to come.

If the season is cancelled, will we receive reimbursements?

If the season is cancelled due to Covid-19, players will receive reimbursements from WCVC for their club fees, less any hard costs that WCVC must cover. (e.g. Club gear, purchased equipment, etc)


When is the season for 2022?

The indoor club season will run from the first week of January through til mid to late May, 2022.

When are practices?

Practices will be twice a week, for approx 1.5 hour time slots. These time slots may be scheduled between 4pm - 9pm Monday and Wednesdays. Once teams are finalized, and schedules are created, we will update all players/parents on their teams time slots.

When are games / tournaments?

Game and tournament schedule will be different for each team. Once schedules are created coaches will share with their team members.

Can spectators watch games / practices?

The allowance of spectators will be determined based on Volleyball BC and ViaSport recommendations relating to Covid guidelines.


What Teams will WCVC be running?

What teams we will be running will be heavily influenced by how many players early-sign this year, as well as coaching availability. Our priority is ensuring we can provide our existing members the opportunity to play, so we will be looking to run: 1 x U13/14 1 x U15 2 x U16 1 x U17 1 x U18 Further details should be released towards the end of November.

How will WCVC be accepting new players?

Yes! Registration for 2022 tryouts is now open! Try Outs Information Here


Last Updated: April 23, 2021


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